The Benoit's


1. NANOG Presentation 2011 - 0 to IPv6 in 3 months the slides, and video.
2. Speedtest net results
3. Temperature sensor in PrintShop.
4. Pool Temperature and Controller.
5. Monarch Butterflies 2017
6. Randomized MAC in wifi probe packets.
7. 360 degree photos and viewing.
8. Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification
IPv6 Certification Badge for scbenoit
9. CAIDA and RIPE Probes

Family Stuff

Family pictures.

Boating link(s):
Boats and Places magazine hardcopy deal!
Some very talented friends:
Custom and unique pre-made, decorative pins at !
Local print artist collective.
Clothing, Jewelery, and Art at Mar-10House
B. Vasey Custom woodworking and furniture
Dube Designs - Fine Jewelery, custom work, and goldsmithing
Random Order - Doug Scholes

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