Live Link Face with MetaHuamns, facial animation
Winter 2021
MetaHumans and facial animation
The Blue Shed Project- a test in photogrammetry
Fall 2020
The Blue Shed
Speedify - bonding disparate Internet services for more speed - Fall 2020
to be uploaded
Audio book from PDF file - Fall 2020
to be uploaded
Reading old MAC diskettes - Fall 2020
to be uploaded
Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) for the win!
Using the XAC with reWASD as a mouse for my sister.
XAC 4 the WIN
360 Spaces in Unreal Engine 4 via the web
  Two Unreal Engine projects captured in 360 with nvidia Ansel and displayed in AFrame. Click and drag to look around, or use Google Cardboard
UE's Photo realistic sample project  and Craig Barr's model from's UE Essential Training
Ryzen Threadripper 1950X w/RTX2070 Build
- to be uploaded
Over The Air (OTA) HD TV multi-cast across the LAN
- to be uploaded
iPad IOS app for collecting contest ballots
- to be uploaded
Adobe VR in the classroom, Fall 2018
Adobe Edx Spark Learning Journal
360Fly Camera and SteamRoller Wood block printing
The Barrie PRNT Collective in 360 printing with a SteamRoller on YouTube
Monitoring crowds from their wifi beacons
- to be uploaded
Moultrie A-20 Game Camera Firmware modification
Used HEX editor to change camera's display name - July 2017
Raspberry Pi Temperature Sensors with web graphs
Temperature sensor in the PrintShop and in the house for the last day and the last week
Raspberry Pi Pool controller w/temperature sensors
Pool Temperature and Controller.
- to be uploaded
360 degree photographs from 360Fly camera w/AFrame
 360 degree photos and viewing
Service Monitoring
- to be uploaded
Network & Internet Probes
- to be uploaded
Monarch Butterflies - time lapse photographs
- to be uploaded Node results
- to be uploaded
IPv6 deployment in 2011
NANOG Presentation 2011 - 0 to IPv6 in 3 months the slides, and video.

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification
IPv6 Certification Badge for scbenoit